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Step 1 - Orientation & Size

What size and orientation is your product going to be?

Let us know what size of the product and its orientation. If you are unsure what you want, there is help on the right hand side. Still unsure pick any one, we can fine tune it later.
Step 2 - Pages and Paper

How many pages and what paper stock will you be needing?

Please let us know the amount of pages within your publication you require and what stock you will be needing for the cover and the inside pages.
Step 3 - Binding Options

What binding method would you like to use on your zine?

There are 3 main binding methods for printing. Since you are looking for 100 pages in your publication, we are displaying the best options for you. If no binding methods are available, please refer to the tips below and change the number of pages selected in the previous step.
Step 4 - Colour Options

You can print your work in full colour or in black & white.

You can print your publication in full colour or in black & white. Select both if you want a mixture of colour plus black & white. Good for when you want different photo styles.
Step 5 - Copies

How many copies of your amazing publication?

Please let us know how many copies you need printed. You can select up to 3 amounts below and we will quote you on all 3 options.
Step 6 - Your Details

Please fill in the details below.

Thank you for providing us with the requirements for your printed product. Supply your details and one of our printing experts will be in touch with a quote. If you have skipped to here, no problem, still complete the form and we will contact you.
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