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Printing a Zine FAQs at Ex Why Zed

We want to get across that when you print a zine with Ex Why Zed, the answer is “Yes”, now what is the question.


Can you print bespoke sizes? Yes!

Can you send me a sample pack to help choose my papers? Yes!

Is printing black, cheaper than full colour? Yes!

Do you ship to the States? Yes!

Can you print one copy as a test before we go ahead with the final print run? Yes!

Can you print me 38 copies because on your website it only says 50. Yes we can and we’re going to go full on Greta Thunberg with this. If you only need 38 we’ll print you 38 to save some paper. If you need 111 we can print that as well.

Is printing and binding my zine at Ex Why Zed easier than it is on the college photocopier? Yes, but you knew that already right.

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