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Trends In The Publishing Industry For 2021


Publishing has been rapidly evolving over the years. Half a decade ago, people thought it would be phased out and replaced entirely by e-books. However, traditional publishing methods such as softback and hardback book printing in the UK remain resilient to this day. Softback and hardback book printing have continued to evolve, and many different trends have affected the publishing industry over the years. In this article, we take a look at some of the most prominent publishing trends for 2021.

Physical Books Continue To Dominate

Over the past few years, print has been steadily overtaking digital again. Print will likely continue going strong even well into the second half of the decade.

Some readers even buy the same book in printed format, even though they already have a digital copy. The new generation of readers views the experience of holding a physical book as something to be desired. Most people also think that books make great gifts – another significant reason why physical books are getting increasing attention.

The Rise Of Collaborative Books

More business owners are now dipping their toes into publishing. This is because publishers have made it easier for books to get out into the market.

Collaborative and stand-alone books, in particular, are getting the attention of a wider audience, resulting in increased popularity for books that have around 20 or so contributors. With their collective reach, authors can easily promote their work and use their influence to sell a book.

Popular Genres

Some publishing companies have seen a return of poetry books. The poetry community has used the opportunity set by the global pandemic to get online and deliver their content to their audience. Some of these books make use of hardback book printing in the UK to add to their appeal.

The retelling of fairy tales in children’s books has been trending as well. Children’s books have been popular during the lockdowns, and more interactive content has been welcomed by both parents and their children. This is why more people can look forward to a surge in such content in the coming years.

Classics have also had a massive return because more people are going back to their old favourites for a rush of nostalgia. This trend may significantly affect the future of publishing, and perhaps even the creation of new content, as publishers and authors strive to meet their readers’ demands.

Increased Interest In Audiobooks

An increasing number of people have been turning to audiobooks this year, especially self-help books. Podcasting will also be considered by more publishers.

As new audiobook platforms rise, people will find other alternatives to Audible, the leading platform for audiobooks. However, it isn’t likely for Audible to fall out of favour any time soon.

Educational institutions will also contribute to the growth of audiobooks as an alternative way to help students learn.

Small Publishers Focus On Their Niche

More and more small publishers are now opting to focus their marketing efforts on their specific niches instead of trying to cater to wider audiences. Doing so allows them to cultivate a loyal group of followers.

Other Insights For Book Publishing

Industry insiders stated that the sales of physical books were surprisingly robust in 2020 and were even increasing. Some asked if this increase can be sustained when other forms of leisure, such as shopping and dining out, are permitted.

Some said that the sale of books online has dramatically benefitted them. Retail partners that have online components provide significant benefits to publishers. With other avenues aside from Amazon, the increase in sales of books from 2020 has trickled over to this year.

Marketing has been a key player in keeping book sales up. Even with the cancellation of book fairs and the closure of booksellers, online events have made it possible for authors to reach their audiences.

Zoom book tours have been one of the go-to solutions during the stricter lockdowns. However, somehow, they have petered out this year. Even with the hype of these online and virtual events, they do not translate to sales all that well. After all, the expectations for these virtual tours rarely meet up with reality.

Bookstores are still the primary means to discover titles. Experts say that publishers should be more experimental and entrepreneurial when it comes to marketing to their audiences using shops. In this way, they can tease and reach their audiences more memorably.

Various old and new business models have been thriving. Although bookstore sales have decreased, their sales online have been increasing, with direct-to-consumer sales being made possible by websites such as Amazon and Bookshop.org. Online book clubs have also increased in popularity.

The most notable trends are digital reading platforms for children’s books, which have attracted more than 50 million users.

However, one of the biggest challenges authors and publishers face is the tightening of the supply chain. On the manufacturing side, longer print cycles are the primary concern.

Production issues affect publishers on an international level. In the UK, shipping books from continental Europe has become more difficult due to Brexit.

Print-on-demand suppliers have seen the backlash of the tightened supply chain. Some of these companies were at maximum capacity in 2020, making it difficult for them to get new customers.

The future of publishing books will continue to evolve, and the love of reading for many will likewise carry on. Analysts say that the market for books in 2021 has remained strong.

Your Partner in Publishing

The best time to publish a book is now. With the increase in interest in physical books and the availability of content online, the opportunity is ripe to make your book a reality. What you need is a reliable partner who can publish your work with the best quality possible.

With Ex Why Zed, you can find many options for publishing your book. You can use various methods, such as paperback printing, hardback book printing, magazine printing, booklet printing, and many more! We have a wide range of offerings to make your book the best it can be.

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