In this mammoth, feature-length video, we give you a wealth of information, ideas and insight to make this guide the perfect companion during your course's catalogue planning meetings.

We show you the almost infinite options for binding, paper types, sizes and for creating a boundary-pushing, eye-catching front cover.

Additionally, there are numerous deep dive sections to highlight specific aspects of designing and styling the catalogue including a look at our top three catalogues of all time and what made them work so well.

**Spoiler alert! This video might encourage you to get that idea you have been working on for years into print. (Finally)

We have compiled an informative and ideas packed video showcasing our favourite publications from last year. Diving deep into 12 eye-catching projects we dissect what makes them successful, where the clients pushed the boundaries of print and how you can replicate these techniques with your next print brief.

The extensive video includes children’s books, notebooks, zines, photography books and artist catalogues. If you are thinking of printing one of these then this video will hopefully really broaden your knowledge on the options available and what can be achieved in print.

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