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Our much loved video guides take a deep dive into specific genres and aspects of styling a printed publication. The regularly updated series will visually expand your knowledge on printing processes and the options available. We showcase hundreds of our previous projects and show winning combinations to help you make a great publication.
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The Definitive Degree Show Catalogue printing video guide by Ex Why Zed

In this mammoth, feature-length video, we give you a wealth of information, ideas and insight to make this guide the perfect companion during your course's catalogue planning meetings.

We show you the almost infinite options for binding, paper types, sizes and for creating a boundary-pushing, eye-catching front cover.

Additionally, there are numerous deep dive sections to highlight specific aspects of designing and styling the catalogue including a look at our top three catalogues of all time and what made them work so well.

Trimming off 3mm bleed at Ex Why Zed

The printed paper is stacked in many sheets and our guillotine trims off the bleed and excess white paper. The sheet is then turned and the same process is completed on all four edges leaving the sheet the actual size of your finished book.

Our 12 favourite print publications of 2019 from Ex Why Zed

**Spoiler alert! This video might encourage you to get that idea you have been working on for years into print. (Finally)

We have compiled an informative and ideas packed video showcasing our favourite publications from last year. Diving deep into 12 eye-catching projects we dissect what makes them successful, where the clients pushed the boundaries of print and how you can replicate these techniques with your next print brief.

The extensive video includes children’s books, notebooks, zines, photography books and artist catalogues. If you are thinking of printing one of these then this video will hopefully really broaden your knowledge on the options available and what can be achieved in print.

Bespoke book binding of two booklets inside one cover

We were asked, "can you bind two booklets within one cover?". After some head-scratching, beard stroking and using our brains...we came up with the solution!

Set up 3mm bleed for print at Ex Why Zed

Yes, this is the video you have been looking for! We will help you prepare your artwork for print including the troublesome '3mm bleed' you keep getting asked to add.

The Definitive Hardback Book Printing Guide

Looking for ideas on how to create and print an impressive hard back book?

Well, we have compiled the definitive guide to methodically guides you through the entire process. This super informative video takes you through the concept of case-binding, choosing your cover material, finishes and endpaper options. It showcases how the process lends itself to children's, premium coffee table, promotional business and photography books. It also gives a comprehensive insight into winning page layouts.

It has never been easier to self-publish a hardback book than it is today at Ex Why Zed so we looking forward to seeing your artwork!

What is the process of case-binding a hardback book?

Interested in what the process is of case binding a printed hardback book?

Well, we have compiled a video step-by-step guide to show you the process involved and to help you gain an understanding on what decisions you can make to improve the appearance of your next book. It showcases how the case itself is made, the options for cover materials including printing a cover from your bespoke artwork, choosing a paper from the GF Smith Colorplan range or using one of the Winter&Company book cover materials. We discuss the technical considerations of the covers, endpapers and binding.

Hardback case bound book printing: Choosing cover materials, finishes and options

You have designed brilliant artwork and now is the time to chose which type of cover you would like for your hardback book: a bespoke printed one, a GF Smith Colorplan one or a linen style cover using materials from Winter&Company.

We detail how each of these choices gives a different aesthetic to the finished book and how they combine with printing, foiling and gloss Spot UV Varnishing to produce a high-end publication to showcase your work in the best format possible.

It showcases children's, premium coffee table, University final major projects and photography books. It also gives a comprehensive insight into what page layouts work.

The Definitive Zine Printing Guide at Ex Why Zed.

Looking for ideas on how to create and print an impressive zine?

We have compiled a feature-length, definitive video to methodically guide you through the entire process. This super informative video takes you through how many artists, small presses and independent publishers have used zines to promote their creative work. We detail the options available for size, paper and binding. We showcase illustrated, photography, poetry, skate and music zines and highlight the winning solutions to design and produce the perfect zine.

It has never been easier to self-publish a zine than it is today at Ex Why Zed so we looking forward to seeing your artwork!

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