Who we are.

We are Ex Why Zed Print, a limited company based in Colchester Essex and are VAT registered. We hve traded since 2006 as a print company in the UK. Our sole intention is to help people transform their ideas into print. Nothing makes us happier than when our printing arrives with a customer and they send us a happy email in return, This rocks our world and is why we do, what we do.

Where you can find us.

Do call on 01206 766647 during UK office hours. We are also accessible on hello@exwhyzed.co.uk

What do we do?

We are digital and litho printers. Our intention is to bring a smile to our customer's face when they receive their printing. However, on the odd occasion that something does not live up to expectations do get in touch. We are dealing with ink on papers, which is after all a natural material and sometimes blemishes and imperfecions can appear. Let us know, we will immediately look into and do our best to recitfy the situation quickly and satisfactorily.

Payment Terms

We take full payment upfront with every order and don't offer credit terms to anyone at present. Our policy was made a few years ago after a couple of very high profile companies were unable to pay us.  This solution means that both parties know where they are and it avoids any awkward conversations further down the line - we don't want the uncertainty and you won't appreciate us emailing and calling to chase the money.  Unfortunately despite good intentions at the outset, 99% of accounts are still not paid on time so we just don't go down that route anymore. It is genuinely incredible how forgetful people become about payment once their printing has arrived.

We try to be as flexible as possible and you have the option of bank transfer, credit card, debit card or even cheque if you prefer.

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